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Is the trial included in the bridal hair and make up rates? What is included in the trial?

The trial fee is separate from the wedding day rates. A trial is highly recommended to ensure your vision is met on the big day. The trial will include a hairstyle of the brides choosing and a full makeup application that includes lashes. The trials take about two hours in entirety. If you wish to have more than one look done, additional fees will apply. Please arrive on time as the trial length will be hindered.

What should I have for the trial?

Please come to the trial with the accessories you plan to wear on your wedding day. These accessories include earrings, necklace, hair accessories, clip-in extensions, etc. We also recommend wearing a white or ivory top to get the best idea of your overall look. You should arrive with clean hair and no makeup.

Are trials for the bridal party too?

Trials are usually for the bride, but we welcome the bride’s entourage as well! Standard trial rates apply.

When should the trial be booked?

We recommend having your trial 5-6 weeks before your wedding! This allows for your wedding theme to be fully developed, the weather will be the most similar, and your look will be fresh in our mind!

What is required to book?

A 10% deposit and completed contract. The deposit will guarantee your reservation and go toward your final balance for services. We cannot hold a date for you without a deposit and signed contract.

Is there a bridal party minimum in order to book services?

There is a minimum of 8 services in order to book with standard pricing. However, we are willing to accommodate smaller bridal parties at an additional cost. Please contact us directly for more details.

How many girls can we accommodate for wedding day services?

We can accommodate bridal parties of almost any size for hair and makeup services. Depending on timing and number of girls, we may need additional stylists. Please contact us directly for pricing details for additional artists.

How long does each person’s service take on the wedding day?

There is no exact science to how long each style takes, but it is good to estimate that each bridesmaid will take about 45 minutes for hair and an additional 45 minutes for makeup.

Cancelling services before the wedding day?

Our contract goes into great detail covering the fees associated.

Are there holiday fees?

If your special day falls on a holiday you will have a price increase of 50%.

Wet Hair?

If you arrive with wet hair and are not having a blow out, you will be charged and additional $25 blow out fee. Our timeline is critical and arriving with wet hair will hinder the schedule.

Can I bring clip in extensions for the stylist?

You are welcome to bring clip in extensions. Please inform us of who will be having clip in extensions.

How is payment accepted?

Check and Credit.

Is all travel included in the rates?

Travel is not included outside of the city of Cohasset. Please contact us directly for a travel quote.

Should you tip on your final bill for makeup and hair services?

For your convenience, a 20% gratuity will be added to all services.



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“I can’t say enough good things about Lady Luxe Beauty! Erika was responsive and professional right from the start, and when I went to my hair trial, I was confident that I came to the right place. It eased my mind that I would have the perfect up do for my wedding. Erikalistened to what I wanted, and offered her professional opinion to add a twist to the look I was going for. Not only did my hair come out perfect, but it was a pleasant experience getting to know Erika. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Lady Luxe Beauty!”

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