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In today’s modern world there are a multitude of different types of weddings. No matter what the theme, every bride wants to represent her most beautiful self. This involves finding a style that is well suited and stylish. I have taken every kind of bride from classic, bohemian, beachy, rustic and vintage and provided you with today’s on-trend hairstyles.

The Classic Bride

You are the type of girl who values tradition. You seek theme in color versus details and are more than likely serving a tiered wedding cake versus cupcakes. Believe it or not, this actually tells quite a bit about your preference in hairstyles. My guess is that you are gravitating towards something sleek and timeless, but still want to feel stylish. Below are some of my favorite hairstyles that encompass both class and style.




The Bohemian Bride

If you have chosen to have a “boho chic” wedding, you may describe your style as eclectic and whimsical with an artistic flair. This anything goes type of theme allows for serious creative expression! Trendy looks for bohemian brides include headbands/flower wreaths, mix & match details, and earthy inspiration. Here are some of my favorite trendy, boho looks…




The Beachy Bride

Maybe you grew up on the beach, or maybe you just enjoy the wind in your hair and toes in the sand. You are laid back, calm and centered. Your wedding details include earth tones and natures gifts. Being more relaxed in nature, you probably prefer your hair relaxed as well. Lived in looks with simple detailing best suit you. Here are some examples of looks that are not only comfortable, but chic as well.




The Rustic Bride

Nature and farm elements inspire your theme. Your colors consist of earth tones and your décor has an abundance of wood and stone. Your wedding is probably outdoors in a warmer environment. These components also translate into the theme of your overall look. Your hair should reflect an earthy, less manicured feel. Check out the examples below of hairstyles that fit this theme, but still leave you feeling beautiful and fashionable.




The Vintage Bride

Vintage lovers typically have a love for femininity, muted colors, and lace. Delicate flowers, linen, and burlap are all common denominators. This antique vibe is beautiful and so are the associated hairstyles. Embracing vintage styles has become a modern fad. Below are my absolute favorite styles that represent not only a past time period, but now the present.




There are trendy hairstyles for every type of bride. No matter what vision you are trying to recreate, there is a style that will suit you, your theme, and today’s fashion. Search no further, as I have provided you with today’s hottest looks for every wedding theme.

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