5 Beauty Resolutions for 2018

The New Year is a great time to pause, take stock, and come up with meaningful resolutions that will outlive the first blush of enthusiasm and make for a new and fantastic you in 2018. And while we cannot fundamentally change the face and body we were born with, there are a variety of natural, proven means available to enhance the looks, health, and mindset of any woman.

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that in mind, here are a few basic but proven ways to keep your favorite beholder’s eye on you!

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The skin is the body’s largest organ, and its most vulnerable. Take care of it by wearing sunscreen 365 days of the year—rain or shine! UV exposure ages skin, promotes skin cancer, and is especially harmful in southern or tropical environments. Use a good quality sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30; moisturize every day, preferable after getting out of the shower and before bed. Don’t touch your face! Doing so can spread bacteria, lead to scarring, wrinkles, and even spread the flu. Keep hydrated, cut back on alcohol, and maintain a healthy diet, preferably one rich in omea-3 fatty acid, which can help boost your skin’s ability to hold moisture. Finally, try to exfoliate a few times a week, avoid direct heat exposure, and take care to keep your makeup brushes clean.

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Need to shed a few pounds from that Thanksgiving feast? Want to improve your muscle tone, regain youthful vigor, or simply need to maintain a fitness level that will help you avoid chronic illnesses and promote a sense of well-being? Get moving! Whether you hire a trainer, join a gym, or begin a fitness regimen based on your own research and self-discipline, or simply dedicate yourself to long walks, getting into and staying in shape will go a long way toward building a healthy glow while boosting your self-confidence.

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A bright, winning smile is your calling card to the world; make sure you maintain a regular schedule for dental care, fix neglected problems, and consider both the short and long term benefits of good, cosmetic dentistry. Finally, consider using an effective whitening procedure. Americans spent $11.5 billion on teeth-whitening in 2015. While there are a variety of unproven yet anecdotally successful home treatments for discolored teeth (oil pulling, brushing with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar to name a few), you can effectively prevent staining by limiting your consumption of products like coffee, red wine, and berries, and overall sugar intake. Still, to really take your smile to a new level, consider a professional teeth-bleaching procedure. Such a process, done properly, will exceed anything natural and over-the-counter products can achieve.

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There is far more to beautiful nails than polish. Healthy, strong nails are a product of a healthy diet, common sense, and meticulous care. Start by keeping your nails dry and clean; too much moisture and/or hot water can contribute to the growth of bacteria and cause nails to split. Wear cotton-lined rubber gloves when washing dishes, cleaning or using harsh chemicals. Make sure you cut nails straight across before gently rounding them, using sharp clippers or a manicurist’s scissors. Moisturizers, a nail hardener, or a biotin product prescribed by a doctor can help. Do avoid biting your nails, picking at cuticles, ripping out hangnails, or ignoring problems as soon as they arise. Also, when consulting a professional, be sure to select a salon that displays a current state license, and work only with technicians also licensed by the state board.

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There are few things than can as significantly alter or enhance a woman’s appearance as a new and fresh hairdo. This is one area you do not want to tackle yourself! Find a proven professional, have a specific look in mind, and remember that—as in most things—you get what you pay for. Spending more up front can ensure that you acquire a look that will last, can be maintained, and that suits the unique qualities that only you possess.

Happy New Year as you toast to a new and more beautiful you!

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