Lady Luxe Vision Board Process

Vision Boards are our claim to fame! Lady Luxe sets itself apart from the competition by catering and customizing your experience to you. We provide a relaxing, fun experience that allows you to feel pampered while in knowledgable hands. It can be downright intimidating scrolling through Pinterest, trying to decide which hair and makeup styles will look best on you. Wedding planning is overwhelming enough! Our goal is to take away that burden by providing you with a series of looks that will complement your wedding theme, dress, personal features and style. We don’t just pick a look and run, we come up with various options and pair them with an extensive trial consultation. This allows us to decipher the best wedding look for you!

Here is how we begin…

We ask that you create a board on Pinterest inclusive of images that showcase your wedding theme, colors, florals, etc. This board should most importantly include a headshot of yourself as well as your wedding gown. These details provide a background knowledge of your wedding goals. It is important that your hair and makeup coincide. After all, you wouldn’t want to have a sleek, top-knot chignon with smokey eyes for your beach elopment. We are invested in learning as much as we can about your wedding so that we may provide the best service possible. This leads us to our next step. Our questionnaire!

Our questionnaire has a series of questions that will help us gain knowledge of your preferences, daily routine, details, vendors and more. The more we know about you and your wedding, the better we are able to make your vision come to life! We typically ask for the questionnaire to be completed at least a week before your trial. This allows us time to do our homework and create the perfect, customized Vision Board for you.

Vision Board Questionnaire

Vision Board Questionnaire

Lady Luxe Questionnaire

You may be wondering where we find our inspiration and how! Like you, we also love Pinterest! We love utilizing images that we feel best represent you. In addition, we use photos of previous brides that shared a similar ‘je ne said quoi’. It is amazing how different each bride and her preferences are, so we often find ourselves creating very unique Vision Boards.

Our boards include not only hair and makeup inspiration, but also images of you, your dress, your venue, wedding colors and more. We like your Vision Board to serve as a mood board that  collaboratively showcases your vision and ours! Check out our example Vision Board Below:

Vision Boards are presented the day of your trial. We sit down and talk about each part of the vision, explaining our logic of each look. We are very thorough in our process, making sure that there isn’t a question unanswered or a style left unexplained. Together, we decide on one of the looks or combination of looks, to trial out. I would say that about 90% of our trial styles are replicated on the wedding day with the exception of about 10% who decided to switch their style the day of. This is what the trial is ALL about! Learning everything we can about you and your wedding and figuring out what you do and don’t like. We note every tweak that needs to be made as well as every product used. We guarantee that we will replicate your look to be just as beautiful, if not better the day of your wedding.

Check out a few testimonials from past brides about our vision boards.

“Vision board was super helpful! I was able to pick and choose what I liked from different photos.” – Morgan

“The vision boards helped a lot, Erika and I had similar taste in what style I’d like. I relied heavily on their expertise to help craft my wedding day look.”– Haya

“Vision boards and talking through options were helpful. I think playing around with a few different looks and options really helps you narrow down what you truly want. Erika and Tara offer advice from their years of experience to weigh out all of your options, and land on a final vision for the big day.” -Jamie

“I thought the vision boards were such a good idea. We didn’t have to utilize the one Erika made for my trial too much, because the first style that she pointed out seemed almost perfect for me. But even so, having it there in front of us provided both of us a common frame of reference to talk about what tweaks we might make to better fit my personality. Tara’s vision board helped me a ton, because as I mentioned before, I do not have a strong knowledge of makeup techniques or the vocabulary to describe them. The vision board helped me overcome that lack of knowledge because I was able to point out things in pictures that I liked, things I didn’t like, and things that I was intrigued by but wasn’t sure how they’d work for me. It was also just nice to have a visual in my mind of what direction we were headed in once we had decided on a plan.” -Kelly



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