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Vintage glam mixed with modern elements…sign us up! Haya and Lou chose a beautiful wedding venue that boasts both historic charm and contemporary elements. Haya’s wedding aesthetic would be “airy, romantic and simple” with a focus on floral design. Lush florals would adorn her venue “bringing the outdoors inside.”


Haya’s trial experience was a bit different than others because she decided to change her hair the day of her wedding! And guess what? This is totally OK! It is important to go with a look that makes you feel the most beautiful. Haya’s questionnaire revealed that she envisioned her hair up.

“My dress is tulle, flowing and has lace accents. Would love to play around with various styles for hair to see what looks better with my long hair and dress.”

And that’s just what we did!

Check out her vision board below:

Lady Luxe Vision Board

We decided on a soft, romantic updo and a makeup look that would put extra focus on her gorgeous eyes. Haya has striking features and this was a great way of showing off her beauty as well as her gown.

Lady Luxe Trial

“The trial was a great experience for me to start figuring out what I liked and didn’t like. It was great to work with Lady Luxe- I felt comfortable and confident. They listened which was very important to me. The look I wanted was simple, romantic and natural. I was torn with wearing my hair up or down. During the trial we had an updo with curls which was gorgeous but the day of I felt a mix of the updo and down was best. I loved my hair and I felt beautiful in it. My makeup looked effortless and light”

On Haya’s wedding day we kept her planned makeup and opted for a half-up hairstyle. This is a great choice for those who feel most comfortable with their hair down but want it partially swept back. This ultimately proved to be a great decision! Haya not only felt her most beautiful but her cascading hair truly made her own special look. We loved working with her and are so glad she trusted us every step of the way—even if it meant a game-time decision!

It is very important to us to always make sure that the bridesmaids are in synch with the bride and her wedding theme. Each girl sported a whimsical look that was most suitable to her features and style of dress. We keep the looks in synch throughout by sticking to similar makeup tones and curl texture for each member of the bridal party. 

All in all, this beautiful bride pulled off a beautiful vision and we are so honored to have been a part of her special day. We wish you an eternity of happiness Haya and Lou!

“My wedding day experience with Lady Luxe was perfect. They were accommodating, on time prepared, and super fun. The whole time myself and bridesmaids were getting ready there was a lot of laughter and fun conversations. We had the music blasting and Lady Luxe touched us all up before we had to go. Couldn’t have asked for a better team.”

Vendor Credits:

Venue & Catering: Alden Castle: A Longwood Venue

Floral Design: Carrie Chang

Photography: Katie Noble

Videography: Shutter and Sound Films

DJ & Lighting: Beat Train Productions

Photo Booth: New England Photo Booth

Dress: Precious Memories Bridal

Dress Designer: Sottero and Midgley

Shoes: Badgley Mishcka

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A beautiful colonial inn amidst eighty lush acres set the scene for Jamie and Wendell’s picturesque wedding. Fresh eucalyptus, candlelit tables, and alpacas to boot! From the bride’s breath-taking gown to her magnetic smile, you’ll see why this wedding is one of our favorites!

Jamie contacted us about 11 months before her big day. She shared that she and her large bridal party of 13 ladies were interested in hair and makeup services for her 6/8/19 wedding. Based on her party size, we secured her date with two assistants to ensure we had plenty of time to give each person the red-carpet treatment they deserve!

Fast forward to last May, we carefully collected all of the necessary information to create Jamie’s Vision Board. Our questionnaire is our most prized tool for gathering details. Each bride is given a series of questions to help discern their wedding vision, personal style, preferences and physical attributes. Check out Jamie’s questionnaire below!

Jamie’s detailed questionnaire gave us just the information we needed to compile the perfect Vision Board for her. She shared that she favored a classic style that would translate throughout her wedding. From the traditional New England Inn to her clean, timeless wedding aesthetic, it was clear that both her hair and makeup would reflect the same perennial beauty. See her Vision Board below!

Lady Luxe Beauty Vision Board

Our trial with Jamie was a dream! Jamie, Tara and I got along famously and nailed down Jamie’s perfect look by trial’s end. Classic, clean, and elegant. It is important to understand that your hair and makeup should complement your overall wedding aesthetic. Doing our due diligence prior to meeting, Jamie allowed us to get to know her and her wedding details before our first meeting. We were able to provide her with suitable looks at the start of the trial, thereby eliminating any guesswork. We then spent our time honing the perfect look.

Lady Luxe Trial

Our trials are so very important, as they allow us to meet you and try out your look before your wedding day. At the end of Jamie’s trial we decided that hair extensions were necessary to give her the length, fullness and longevity she desired. Had we not had the opportunity to test her look, we would not have been so well equipped for her wedding day.

“Trial experience was GREAT! I had a rough idea of the look I wanted to achieve. I never wear my hair down, so I knew I was either going to go with partially down or all the way down with loose curls. Erika really helped me land on the final look I wanted- a more natural “Hollywood glam” with a hair piece was executed perfectly! Erika recommended I get extensions for the full look, which I did, and it was the absolute best decision I could have made. I didn’t have the extensions at the trial, and when she used them the day of the wedding, it was all I wanted and more! I’ve been able to wear them in my brother’s wedding and will be wearing them in another upcoming wedding I’m in so it was money well spent. I brought some pictures for inspiration for makeup, and Tara really helped me land on my final look. I wanted a slightly more dramatic eye, but nothing too overdone in terms of color. Again, I wanted to feel like a slightly more elevated “glam” version of myself. My mom also had the trial at the same time. It worked out perfectly because I had my makeup done while she had her hair done and then we swapped. She was concerned because she has short, coarse, somewhat uncontrollable hair and Erika worked her magic and she created beautiful curls that looked absolutely stunning–you would never know it was her original hair! My mom cried tears of joy when she saw the outcome because she was so worried about her usually difficult-to-tame hair.”

The wedding day came and went in a flash! Time flies when you’re having fun. 13 ladies later, we were doing hair and makeup in our sleep! Jamie’s bridesmaids and family were amazing to work with. I can assure you these ladies are beautiful both inside and out.

Jamie's Lady Luxe Experience

The best part about Jamie’s bridal look and vision is that classic never goes out of style. This beautiful duo will look back happily on their photos for years to come. Thank you, Jamie and Wendell, for making us a part of your special day!

Jamie's Lady Luxe Experience

Jamie's Lady Luxe Experience

“Wedding day with Lady Luxe Beauty was perfect! Erika and Tara and their two assistants arrived right on time and immediately set up and got to work. They did hair and makeup for 11 bridesmaids, mom of bride, mom of groom, and me without running behind! We finished on time and everyone was so incredibly happy with how their hair and makeup turned out. They were flexible, understanding, focused, honest, and truly so fun to work with. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what they do is pure magic! My hair stayed in tact throughout the course of the night, and when I got our pictures back from the photographers I was so overjoyed because I looked natural with that touch of Hollywood glam I was going for. Couldn’t have been happier with the LLB team that day!”


Photography: Neubek Photographers

Venue: Five Bridge Inn

Planner: Soirées by Sonya

Florist: Russo Fabulous

Videographer: Digital Purpose

Catering/Linens: Ralph’s Catering & Kitchen

Dessert: PVDonuts

Band: Silver Arrow Band

After-party eats: Sausage Guy

Stationery: Minted.com

Dress: Stella York

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Earrings and bracelet: Nordstrom

Hair piece: Allure Wedding Jewelry/Etsy

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Kelly’s wedding theme was one for the books! Relationships. Every detail revolved around relationships that were important to each of them. Their wedding day honored past loved ones, experiences they shared together, family traditions, as well as their fur baby, Luna. Even their wedding colors stemmed from the love they share for red wine!

Kelly's Wedding Day Details

Kelly envisioned her look to be “classy, elegant and romantic, but not TOO serious.” Between her gorgeous mansion venue and her elegant lace gown, we knew we needed a look for Kelly that was classic, but still young and fresh. 

“I will be the first one to tell you that I don’t really know anything about hair or makeup. When I was filling out my initial questionnaire before my trial, my answer to the question ‘describe your normal beauty routine’ was something like ‘Uh, mascara and Chapstick?’ So I was nervous that no matter what my stylists did, I was going to feel like 1) they were speaking a foreign language and 2) I was drowning in makeup and looked totally fake. Neither of those things could be further from the reality, though. 

On the day of my trial here’s what went down: First, Erika greeted me at the door and brought me up to the studio space, which is clean and bright. Then we talked about my vision, details about the wedding, and reviewed some of the answers I had provided in my pre-trial questionnaire. Basically all I knew when I arrived for my trial is that I wanted a low up-do. Otherwise, I was totally open to suggestions and advice (I’m not the expert, after all). Erika showed me her vision board (see further explanation below) and pointed out one style in particular that she thought would be a good fit. She said that she had just watched a tutorial on how to do that style and thought that it would go really well with my ideal wedding aesthetic and dress. We discussed a few small details that I wanted to change from the model in the picture and then she went to work! I had long, thick hair at the time so the curling process took a while, but I never felt awkward or like the conversation was strained. Erika is definitely a natural conversationalist! She was also clearly very proud of her own work, always vocalizing when a curl fell just the right way. I loved that about her, because it made me get so excited to see the finished product.

About halfway through my hair trial, Tara, the makeup artist, arrived at the studio and started setting up. The timing was great because she was ready for me as soon as my hair was finished. We went through the same process of discussing my vision for my makeup (I had basically no idea but knew that I wanted neutral colors and not to look too “done up”). Tara very gently guided me in the right direction, steering me away from a winged eyeliner and towards softer lines. It was my first time ever having false lashes applied, and I was a little apprehensive that they were going to feel bulky or weird, but Tara talked me through the application process and was such a champ at putting them on that I felt silly for ever having worried about it.  

The big reveal once both my hair and makeup were done was amazing. I definitely felt like I still looked like myself, but 100 times better. And both Erika and Tara were so affirming and made me feel so beautiful!

The last few minutes of the trial were for taking pictures. I felt like I was probably the most awkward “model” of all time, but Erika talked me through exactly where and how she wanted me to move my head, when to look at the camera, when to look away, when to smile, etc. She captured the look from all angles, which is great for a couple of reasons: 1) it’s perfectly documented so that it can be recreated on wedding day; and 2) you have pictures to look at when you are having a bad hair day and need a pick-me-up. Erika was super-efficient, sending me the photos via email by the next day.”

Her kind words melted our hearts!! Check out Kelly’s Vision Board and Post trial photos below.

Kelly's Vision Board

Kelly's Trial Look

We decided that a textured French twist would be the perfect combination of classic and fun. The French twist is classic and the texture would give it a fun, relaxed feel. Her makeup also portrayed the same fresh feel. Her features were highlighted in a natural way, but enough glam to make her shine!

Kelly’s wedding morning was so much fun! We all had great conversation while listening to 90’s hits. Did I mention we were jamming to Spice Girls?! The girls were a blast and made our job very easy by being very open to hair and makeup suggestions. We made sure makeup tones and hair textures remained cohesive while highlighting each of the lady’s features.

Kelly's Bridesmaids

We asked Kelly to share her experience with us and were thrilled by her reply!

“Oh my goodness, it was the best! I have been in several weddings, and heard about a million more, and Lady Luxe made mine the most seamless of them all. We had our hair and makeup done at our hotel before leaving for the venue. In addition to hair and makeup for me, both the mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom had their makeup done, and of my 6 bridesmaids, all 6 got their hair done and 3 got makeup. 

Erika and Tara were both SUPER punctual. Erika was also spot-on with estimating what time she and Tara would need to start working in order to get us done by the time the limo showed up to take us to the venue; they were doing touch-ups JUST as we got the call to come downstairs to leave. These two things combined made for the most stress-free getting ready experience we could have imagined.

They are also just cool, fun-loving girls that we enjoyed spending time with. We spent the whole morning blasting the Spice Girls and boy bands and making bad jokes, so if that’s your style, you’ve found your stylists!”

Needless to say Kelly and her wedding party were a blast and we were so thrilled to be part of a wedding in which friends and family mean so much. Kelly’s wedding was a reminder that weddings aren’t about the small details. Weddings are about the union of two people who love one another and having their closest loved ones by their side to celebrate. 

Kelly's First Look

Kelly's Wedding Day Portraits

Kelly's Wedding Day Look


Photographer: Zev Fisher

Venue: The Mansion at Turner Hill

Caterer: Vinwood Catering

Florist: Les Fleurs

Cake: Jenny’s Wedding Cakes

Stationary: Minted

Lighting: C-Zone Entertainment

Music (DJ and live duo for ceremony): C-Zone Entertainment

Transportation: Webb Transportation

Menswear: Generation Tux

Bridesmaids’ dresses: Bill Levkoff

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“The aesthetic of my wedding is natural yet romantic. We will have florals composed sage, eucalyptus and various natural greens. My bridesmaids will wear a complimentary sage green. Candles and flower petals will surround the tables.”

I absolutely love hearing each bride’s vision for their wedding! I thrive on learning all of the details in lieu of creating the perfect bridal look. I would describe this “perfect look” as one that highlights the bride’s best features while remaining true to who she is and what she envisions.

Morgan’s questionnaire:

It’s not every day I have the honor of glamming a fellow hairstylist for her wedding. No pressure, right?! Beauty professionals tend to have a clear vision and an eye for detail. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous to meet Morgan! However my fears were quickly put to rest when I met her. Morgan has such a calming presence and I immediately felt she trusted me as well as the process.

Morgan, being a hairstylist herself, had a clear vision that her hair would be down on her wedding day. This is one of my favorite details of our story together! I convinced her to do a textured upstyle that would really highlight her features, dress and wedding theme. As far as makeup, she wanted full glam with an emphasis on her eyes and skin! This process was extra fun because I had the honor of doing both hair and makeup. Check out Morgan’s vision board and final look below!

Lady Luxe Vision Board

Lady Luxe Trial

“My trial was incredible. I went into it scared of updos, and worried that I couldn’t accurately describe what I wanted. Not only did she give me the most perfect updo, but Erika knocked it out of the park, and gave me exactly what I had hoped and dreamed for!”

Morgan’s sexy, textured, tousled updo coincided perfectly with her rustic theme. We accented her eyes with deep, earthy tones and gave her the glowing, radiant skin she was after. This look gave just the right amount of boho, moody, rustic drama she was after.

My hair and makeup were absolutely perfect. It was such a windy day, and we were taking photos outside for about an hour. My hair looked exactly how it did when Erika first did it earlier that day! My makeup stayed on all night long! I didn’t want to wash it off!”

Thank you, Morgan, for trusting me and the Lady Luxe process! It was an honor to work with you and your closest friends!


Vendor Credits:

Venue: Five Bridge Inn

Photographer: Hallie Jade

Planner: Soirees by Sonya

Florist Flowers & More Design Studio

Cake: Wright’s Dairy Farm

Music: Kenneth Ferreria

Dress: Spark Bridal, Eddy K

Shoes: David’s Bridal

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Vision Boards are our claim to fame! Lady Luxe sets itself apart from the competition by catering and customizing your experience to you. We provide a relaxing, fun experience that allows you to feel pampered while in knowledgable hands. It can be downright intimidating scrolling through Pinterest, trying to decide which hair and makeup styles will look best on you. Wedding planning is overwhelming enough! Our goal is to take away that burden by providing you with a series of looks that will complement your wedding theme, dress, personal features and style. We don’t just pick a look and run, we come up with various options and pair them with an extensive trial consultation. This allows us to decipher the best wedding look for you!

Here is how we begin…

We ask that you create a board on Pinterest inclusive of images that showcase your wedding theme, colors, florals, etc. This board should most importantly include a headshot of yourself as well as your wedding gown. These details provide a background knowledge of your wedding goals. It is important that your hair and makeup coincide. After all, you wouldn’t want to have a sleek, top-knot chignon with smokey eyes for your beach elopment. We are invested in learning as much as we can about your wedding so that we may provide the best service possible. This leads us to our next step. Our questionnaire!

Our questionnaire has a series of questions that will help us gain knowledge of your preferences, daily routine, details, vendors and more. The more we know about you and your wedding, the better we are able to make your vision come to life! We typically ask for the questionnaire to be completed at least a week before your trial. This allows us time to do our homework and create the perfect, customized Vision Board for you.

Vision Board Questionnaire

Vision Board Questionnaire

Lady Luxe Questionnaire

You may be wondering where we find our inspiration and how! Like you, we also love Pinterest! We love utilizing images that we feel best represent you. In addition, we use photos of previous brides that shared a similar ‘je ne said quoi’. It is amazing how different each bride and her preferences are, so we often find ourselves creating very unique Vision Boards.

Our boards include not only hair and makeup inspiration, but also images of you, your dress, your venue, wedding colors and more. We like your Vision Board to serve as a mood board that  collaboratively showcases your vision and ours! Check out our example Vision Board Below:

Vision Boards are presented the day of your trial. We sit down and talk about each part of the vision, explaining our logic of each look. We are very thorough in our process, making sure that there isn’t a question unanswered or a style left unexplained. Together, we decide on one of the looks or combination of looks, to trial out. I would say that about 90% of our trial styles are replicated on the wedding day with the exception of about 10% who decided to switch their style the day of. This is what the trial is ALL about! Learning everything we can about you and your wedding and figuring out what you do and don’t like. We note every tweak that needs to be made as well as every product used. We guarantee that we will replicate your look to be just as beautiful, if not better the day of your wedding.

Check out a few testimonials from past brides about our vision boards.

“Vision board was super helpful! I was able to pick and choose what I liked from different photos.” – Morgan

“The vision boards helped a lot, Erika and I had similar taste in what style I’d like. I relied heavily on their expertise to help craft my wedding day look.”– Haya

“Vision boards and talking through options were helpful. I think playing around with a few different looks and options really helps you narrow down what you truly want. Erika and Tara offer advice from their years of experience to weigh out all of your options, and land on a final vision for the big day.” -Jamie

“I thought the vision boards were such a good idea. We didn’t have to utilize the one Erika made for my trial too much, because the first style that she pointed out seemed almost perfect for me. But even so, having it there in front of us provided both of us a common frame of reference to talk about what tweaks we might make to better fit my personality. Tara’s vision board helped me a ton, because as I mentioned before, I do not have a strong knowledge of makeup techniques or the vocabulary to describe them. The vision board helped me overcome that lack of knowledge because I was able to point out things in pictures that I liked, things I didn’t like, and things that I was intrigued by but wasn’t sure how they’d work for me. It was also just nice to have a visual in my mind of what direction we were headed in once we had decided on a plan.” -Kelly

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What do you get when you mix coastal elegance and classic details? The most gorgeous wedding ever of course! This waterfront wedding is what dreams are made of.

Alex honed every detail down to the subtle, underlying theme of her wedding: water reflection! Who needs a nautical-themed wedding when you’re brilliant enough to create inspiration from water? Subtle details such as mirrored centerpieces, reflective signage, bright silver chargers, and a beautiful sequined lace dress; all illustrated the light reflection of water.

Did I mention that a great deal of this gorgeous decor was crafted by Alex’s very own family and friends?!

“This was the most special part of the whole thing. Since my mom (a phenomenal flower arranger by hobby) did the centerpieces, she called upon family and friends to help her do all the final table arranging on Friday before the wedding. Aside from the gorgeous lighting, my mom and her volunteer crew made the reception venue come to life with all the flowers, plants, and sparkling elements. Additionally, our friend and officiant, Larry Ryan (who is a talented artist on the side) offered to do all the writing for our seating arrangement sign, as well as some other mirrored signage. I re-purposed my mom’s old gold mirror by spray painting it a shimmery pearl white. Larry then added all 150 names and table assignments.”

Alex had a vision and she knew just who to count on to execute it. This is where Lady Luxe Beauty came in! Taking all of Alex’s details into consideration, we crafted a look that suited the classy, yet contemporary look she was after.

Before delving into creating her look, we asked an array of questions to best understand her personality, preferences and vision. Alex shared that she typically wears her hair down and her everyday makeup palette is very neutral, consisting of basics such as moisturizer, light foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara. This ultimately showed us that she isn’t afraid of makeup but prefers a natural look. Alex explained that the details of her wedding were simple and classic, which translated into the perfect ingredients for her hair and makeup.

Alex truly made each aspect of her wedding incredibly gorgeous. Even her friends are stunning! I’m still questioning if these are really her friends or hired models! I mean, look at these ladies!

Here are some behind the scenes photos we snapped throughout the day of the ladies as we worked our magic:

Alex’s vision truly came to life and we had so much fun helping her achieve it! We are so honored to have worked with Alex and been part of her impeccably crafted vision. Thank you to all the other vendors who also helped make this day so beautiful and special.

Christina Richards Photography // Cohasset Harbor Inn // Atlantica // Jillian Howell Events // DesignLight // High Line – Night Shift Entertainment // Sue Chessia Floral Design // Sweet Inspirations of Nantucket

Interested in working with Lady Luxe Beauty for your upcoming wedding? Contact us and we’ll be in touch soon!


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