Should I Be A Bridesmaid?

Many girls may view this as a rhetorical question. However, there are two possible answers. Yes or no. Despite the apparent ease in answering this question, we must truly examine what is being asked of us. Since the beginning of time brides have been asking friends and relatives to stand by them on their special day. Having a bride ask you to be a part of their wedding party is truly an honor. With that being said, do you know what you are signing up for? The responsibility of a bridesmaid can be high in cost, time, and emotion.

Let’s talk costs. The first expenditure we commonly associate with becoming a bridesmaid is the bridesmaid’s dress. The average cost of a bridesmaid’s dress is $150 prior to alterations. It is possible that the bride may purchase the dress, but that is not customary. Along with the dress also comes the responsibility of jewelry and shoes. Some brides are lax when it comes to accessories, and others not so much. It is important to factor in that this may be an additional cost, ranging from $50 to $150+. Lets also not forget hair and makeup. Depending on the location of the wedding, hair and makeup can cost anywhere from $100 to $300. Once again, some bridesmaids may expect this while others may not.

What’s a wedding without a bachelorette party? While this may be one of your favorite parts of the experience, it may come with a high price tag. Bachelorette parties consist of an array of different options. The bride may propose a local dinner, a local weekend getaway, or a destination getaway. Be prepared financially. As a friend or relative of the bride, be open and honest about finances if you are concerned about costs. Not everyone can afford the costs of a bachelorette party but its up to you to decide whether to squirrel away funds or to respectfully bow out. Fortunately, attending the bachelorette party isn’t mandatory, but it is a grand gesture.

The bridal shower is an extremely important component of the wedding process. Typically, the bridesmaids, the bride or groom’s mother, or a family relative hosts the shower. This is a cost you will want to potentially account for. Expenses such as venue, meals/catering, décor, gifts, etc should be considered. The average cost of a bridal shower at someone’s home or a mid-range priced restaurant is anywhere from $15 to $40 a person. A more elaborate shower can cost anywhere from $40 to $150+. On top of these expenses you will want to factor in the cost of your shower gift.

Lastly, accommodation and gift costs. Depending on where the wedding is taking place, you may need overnight lodging. A hotel may cost you anywhere from $75 to $300+ a night. If you are attending a destination wedding you will want to do your homework and account for whether you will need a rental car, hotel, and flight. A gift is also a necessity when attending a wedding. As a bridesmaid and close friend, the average spent on a wedding gift is $75 to $150+.

At the end of the day, being a bridesmaid is far from inexpensive! Not only do you need to account for the expenses I have mentioned above, but also the time you will spend planning and emotionally being there for your dear friend/relative. It is only fair to plan and put proper thought into whether you are able to fulfill the duties of a bridesmaid. There is nothing worse than being ill prepared and eventually upsetting the future bride as well as yourself. No matter your decision, if handled properly, your bride-to-be will understand and appreciate you wanting the best for her. We are all human, and at then end of the day all we can do is our best.

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