How to Choose The Best Wedding Vendors

Choosing the right wedding vendors is essential to pulling off an amazing wedding. Vendors are your foundation and the experts who will transform your vision into reality. It’s important to do your research and find out who is the best fit based on personality, budget, and overall vision. Let’s face it though; figuring out which vendor is best is downright intimidating. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I even begin?” Finding wedding vendors is a lot like modern dating; it takes patience, research, self-awareness, and time.

First, let’s talk budget. We all have one—big or small—and it is important to stick to it. Research and choose vendors in your price range. You do not want to have champagne taste on a beer budget. Exceeding your budget only leads to headaches and heartache. Map out which vendors you are interested in hiring: Photographer, Videographer, Flowers, Band, etc. Stick to what is essential; foregoing the unnecessary will give you a better allowance for what you find most important.

Next, let’s talk expectations. Knowing what you expect from a vendor will help you weigh your options. Do you have a specific vision for the food? Are you set on having a photographer who includes a photo album? Dietary or religious concerns? Each couple has their own set of expectations and even though it may seem silly, it is smart to write those down alongside your budget to help you properly map your wedding out.

Research!! In this modern day, you can find just about everything on the internet. Websites such as and are specifically designed to help you search based on location, budget, and reviews. My advice is to jot down 3 vendors for each category, and do further research. For example, find three florists that stand out the most to you and search them on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. These websites will show you visuals and reviews of each company’s work. Social media is huge these days so work it to your advantage and find the best vendor for you.

Most importantly, call and meet your chosen vendors. Our generation tends to hide behind a phone or computer screen, but it is so very important to have actual verbal communication! This will allow you to really get to know the vendor, understand the work they do, and even potentially see some tangible examples. Discuss what is most important to you and the non-negotiables. Map out your expectations and compare these with pricing. Inquire as to their contract and establish any additional fees. Lastly, choose a vendor that understands you and your vision. We are all on different wavelengths; choose a vendor that has a similar style and personality to your own.

You’ve done your research, found your favorite vendors, and interviewed each. Now it is time to ask yourself who had the best customer service? Who seemed the most reliable and detail oriented? Who’s pricing best aligned with your budget? Who was willing and able to meet all your expectations? Take the answers to those questions and evaluate your best fit. This decision process isn’t a science but it is certainly a task that should be done thoroughly. Best of luck!

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