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Wow, wow, wow! Just a few words to describe Emma and Will’s wedding that took place in July of 2017. Emma is the type of girl that just embodies class. She is confident and carefree while oozing natural beauty. It was no surprise that her wedding would reflect the same grandeur.

We had the honor of doing the hair and makeup for Emma and her bridal party. Emma adorned a classic yet boho twisted updo, while the ladies wore variations of loose, styled waves. Her makeup was natural while clearly accentuating her features. Each girl wore a look that highlighted her beauty.

Emma truly looked like a vision on her wedding day. A vision handcrafted by Lady Luxe Beauty of course! 😊 We created Emma’s look based off our Lady Luxe Beauty Questionnaire. Emma’s vision embodied a wedding with a traditional, elegant, yet rustic feel. She wanted to ultimately look like a “more glam version” of herself while still looking “young and fresh”. Below are Emma’s inspiration boards. These are looks that we felt best complimented her overall vision, features, dress, and personality.

Makeup Vision Board:

Hair Vision Board:

Vision boards are critical prep work because we want to learn as much as possible without wasting valuable trial time. Emma’s trial was seamlessly executed with plenty of time to hone her look. Emma chose to combine inspiration from several different looks on her boards. The result was fabulous!

Thank you to all of the vendors who also contributed to this amazing day!

Kate Dawson Events // Valley Flower Company // Barn at Happy Hill // Cloud 9 Caterers // Grace Edmands Calligraphy // Anna Maier

We LOVED working with Emma and her bridal party on her special day. How gorgeous do the ladies look?

Interested in working with Lady Luxe Beauty for your upcoming wedding? Contact us and we’ll be in touch soon!

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The New Year is a great time to pause, take stock, and come up with meaningful resolutions that will outlive the first blush of enthusiasm and make for a new and fantastic you in 2018. And while we cannot fundamentally change the face and body we were born with, there are a variety of natural, proven means available to enhance the looks, health, and mindset of any woman.

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that in mind, here are a few basic but proven ways to keep your favorite beholder’s eye on you!

Image by Alexandru Zdrobău

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and its most vulnerable. Take care of it by wearing sunscreen 365 days of the year—rain or shine! UV exposure ages skin, promotes skin cancer, and is especially harmful in southern or tropical environments. Use a good quality sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30; moisturize every day, preferable after getting out of the shower and before bed. Don’t touch your face! Doing so can spread bacteria, lead to scarring, wrinkles, and even spread the flu. Keep hydrated, cut back on alcohol, and maintain a healthy diet, preferably one rich in omea-3 fatty acid, which can help boost your skin’s ability to hold moisture. Finally, try to exfoliate a few times a week, avoid direct heat exposure, and take care to keep your makeup brushes clean.

Image by Scott Webb

Need to shed a few pounds from that Thanksgiving feast? Want to improve your muscle tone, regain youthful vigor, or simply need to maintain a fitness level that will help you avoid chronic illnesses and promote a sense of well-being? Get moving! Whether you hire a trainer, join a gym, or begin a fitness regimen based on your own research and self-discipline, or simply dedicate yourself to long walks, getting into and staying in shape will go a long way toward building a healthy glow while boosting your self-confidence.

Image by Allef Vinicius

A bright, winning smile is your calling card to the world; make sure you maintain a regular schedule for dental care, fix neglected problems, and consider both the short and long term benefits of good, cosmetic dentistry. Finally, consider using an effective whitening procedure. Americans spent $11.5 billion on teeth-whitening in 2015. While there are a variety of unproven yet anecdotally successful home treatments for discolored teeth (oil pulling, brushing with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar to name a few), you can effectively prevent staining by limiting your consumption of products like coffee, red wine, and berries, and overall sugar intake. Still, to really take your smile to a new level, consider a professional teeth-bleaching procedure. Such a process, done properly, will exceed anything natural and over-the-counter products can achieve.

Image by Thomas Kelly

There is far more to beautiful nails than polish. Healthy, strong nails are a product of a healthy diet, common sense, and meticulous care. Start by keeping your nails dry and clean; too much moisture and/or hot water can contribute to the growth of bacteria and cause nails to split. Wear cotton-lined rubber gloves when washing dishes, cleaning or using harsh chemicals. Make sure you cut nails straight across before gently rounding them, using sharp clippers or a manicurist’s scissors. Moisturizers, a nail hardener, or a biotin product prescribed by a doctor can help. Do avoid biting your nails, picking at cuticles, ripping out hangnails, or ignoring problems as soon as they arise. Also, when consulting a professional, be sure to select a salon that displays a current state license, and work only with technicians also licensed by the state board.

Image by Hannah Morgan

There are few things than can as significantly alter or enhance a woman’s appearance as a new and fresh hairdo. This is one area you do not want to tackle yourself! Find a proven professional, have a specific look in mind, and remember that—as in most things—you get what you pay for. Spending more up front can ensure that you acquire a look that will last, can be maintained, and that suits the unique qualities that only you possess.

Happy New Year as you toast to a new and more beautiful you!

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There is an old expression, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Never is this truer than in the planning, organization, and coordination of the biggest day of your life: your wedding day. With all the perils, pitfalls, and unexpected details that can derail even the most meticulously planned event, the decision to engage a wedding planner can be the most important one you make. In making this decision (actually, a series of decisions) there are many important factors, questions, and financial considerations to address. So, let’s get started!

Every wedding, however large or small, has a budget. And not everyone has the means to set aside roughly 10% and/or several thousands of dollars that, ideally, could be used on a honeymoon, paying down credit card debt, or even towards a down payment on a home. However, the right wedding planner can usually get the most out of your money while reducing stress and unpleasant surprises. And, if money is tight, you may consider the lesser expense of what many professionals refer to as a “day-of coordinator.” Since the average American wedding is just shy of $32,000, the decision to hire a full time, all-inclusive planner versus one with a more limited role is important. And, as with any wedding expense, be sure that the cost of your wedding planner is budgeted for.

What, exactly, does a full-service wedding planner do for you? Actually, quite a lot! She or he likely will attend vendor meetings with you (with whom they are likely to have an advantageous relationship with), help design and organize your overall concept, pay attention to even the smallest of details, and make sure that everyone follows your “rules” and your timetable. If you do decide to hire a full-time planner, be sure to begin the selection process as early as possible! Allow time to interview several candidates and thereby determine with whom you are likely to have the most productive relationship. The full-time planner will ideally be experienced, certified, familiar with multiple types of venues, be clear as to both party’s’ expectations and desires, and have a good working relationship with the many vendors and services that are all a part of every successful wedding. And remember: trust your instincts! You and the wedding planner will likely be spending a lot of time together, and it is imperative that you like, respect, and understand each other

Image by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

A less than full service wedding planner is often referred to as a “day-of-wedding coordinator,” though they are monthly planners. Their main job is to organize the logistics of your special day, making sure that everything you have envisioned runs smoothly. Such tasks might include picking up flowers, deciding who oversees the gifts, packing up certain items at the end of the night, finding a place for the band to hide, and so forth. Again, the idea is to ensure peace of mind and reduce your stress. When hiring a day-of coordinator, make sure you understand how many hours they will work, how they might handle potential problems, and that he or she is truly listening to your needs and concerns. Again, trust your gut! You should expect your day-of coordinator to review vendor contracts, know the general timeline of the day, visit the site, and run both your rehearsal dinner and the main event the next day. Ideally, he or she will pack up everything at the end of the night, arrange for tips, and generally make sure that the entire show runs smoothly. Do not expect your day-of coordinator to arrange for your photographer or caterer or any other big detail that should have been planned well in advance; if any situations do arise that go above and beyond what you both consider to be par for the course, make sure you tip accordingly.

Image by Wilfred Iven

When searching for, interviewing, and working with either a full-time wedding planner or a day-of-coordinator, be honest about your finances and expectations. Make sure you have a reliable protocol for communication. And, above all, remember that the biggest myth regarding wedding planners in general is that you don’t need one!


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Let’s face it; when it comes to prospective bridal concerns, it’s all about the hair! Sure, there are more than a few other things to worry about (like everything!), but nothing says more about you and your dreams going forward than the perfectly chosen and coiffed hairstyle. Now, there are innumerable places (such as Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) where you can view the latest, classic, or even obscure styles, but let’s be real here: the perfect hairstyle must be one that is perfect for you, and no one else! To achieve your own special look one must consider a variety of factors while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Now, a lot of women (and men too!) have a well-defined self-image that may or may not be accurate. Some of us have high foreheads, long noses, big ears, less than perfect cheekbones—you name it! In short, we may not always look like those beautiful models wearing those amazing styles shown in bridal and beauty magazines. This is where an expert—a professional stylist—comes in.  To work successfully with such an expert, you must have or develop a high level of trust. Find someone to whom you can communicate your desires, expectations, and concerns. Do not assume that your current hairdresser (talented as she may be) is the answer; what you need here is a specialized bridal stylist. Ask around, check social media, and make sure whomever you select is a seasoned, well-practiced professional with excellent recommendations.

Once you select the perfect stylist—one who can accurately assess your appearance, needs, and special concerns—you will still have questions. Make sure they are the right ones! Ask:

Once your stylist has met all of your exacting criteria, it is time to get down to business!

There are a variety of specific looks that will complement short hair, medium length hair, and longer tresses. Indeed, the length of your hair will certainly limit—or expand—your possible choices, but be assured that there is a great look for every length of hair. Try to consider your overall theme: are you going for a formal, romantic look that screams updo? A classic, vintage look? Glamorous? Or, are you a casual, outdoorsy type who thrives on a more natural look? In making this decision, consider not only your specific facial features and hair texture, but your wedding dress as well. The goal here is to complement, not clash, with your gown. Example: if you are wearing a low neckline, long, down hair might work best; if the neckline is high, then pile it up!

As a rule, the more elaborate the dress, the simpler the hairstyle should be. Another consideration would be whether you will be using a veil. Your hairdresser will know best. Keeping this is mind, do not be distracted or annoyed by comments from family and friends (“that’s not formal enough,” or “in my day we wouldn’t dream of doing that!”). When conflicting opinions arise, go with your instincts. It is your wedding, your look, and you should be confident and comfortable with whatever look you select.

Image by Olenka Kotyk

Another factor to consider is the venue itself. If you are going to be married on a windswept beach, your hair could be affected; likewise, if your ceremony is on a dreamy tropical locale, it might be hot and humid enough to wilt even the best designed looks. Let the locale influence your choice. Outdoors? Think natural, flowing, or less formal. Indoors with air-conditioning? Then that carefully executed and intricate updo with remain intact. Just remind the groom to be careful with that veil!

Image by Tom Pumford

Remember, comfort is important! It is going to be a long day and possibly night, and you want to make sure the look you select will endure the dancing, partying, and general craziness of a fun wedding. As for accessories, make sure that your petals, barrettes, or tiara (if you’re that kind of girl!) matches the overall style of your dress. And, that they don’t poke, prod, or make you uncomfortable during the ceremony and reception.

Image by Tom The Photographer

So, with all this great advice. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, quite a lot!  Your natural, cascading hair turns frizzy in the rain; your upsweep comes undone, your extensions fall out, your bun unravels, your painstakingly crafted curls go straight. All of these “disasters” can be either prevented or fixed so long as you have done a trial, carry extra hair pins, bobby pins, and a super-strong mini can hair spray, engage your stylist for the duration of the day, and employ  good sense and humor. Because, in the end, your wedding day is about you and how you feel; this is the day you should be laughing, sipping champagne, shedding tears of joy, and basking in the love of your spouse, family and dear friends.


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Destination weddings are all the rage these days, and why not? Who wouldn’t want the most important day of their life to be celebrated amid exotic scenery, an idyllic climate, and a memorable locale, all the while being surrounded by family, friends, and a lifetime of memories?

Still, destination weddings present a unique set of challenges—some thrilling, and some cautionary—that you should consider when planning a wedding far from home, be it within the United States or in an exotic foreign locale. While some of these factors have been cited and debated elsewhere, now is a great time to reexamine in detail the many joys and practical considerations that will either make or detract from the most exciting day of your life.

Destination weddings have many advantages: control, cost-efficiency, a fresh, non-traditional setting, and less family drama. They are also a great way to reconnect with far-flung friends and family. Once you have decided on a destination wedding, there are three main areas that will require careful planning, commitment, and consideration. These areas are: You, your guests, and your budget.


Never, ever forget that this day is yours! And when I say yours, I mean both you and your spouse. You are the one who is committing to a lifetime of love and devotion; you are the one who will be the focus of all your family and friends; you are the one who will make most, if not all, of the financial decisions that will impact your life in both the near and far future.

The word “destination” means exactly that! A special place where you and your loved ones will travel to celebrate your special day. When deciding on exactly where this destination will be, it is crucial that you consider several things. First and foremost, select a locale that is special to you. Maybe it is a place where you grew up, or where you shared special moments, or an imaginary idyllic setting perfected in your dreams. Regardless, it is vital that you consider such things as availability of accommodations, local décor possibilities, and seasonal weather trends. If possible, visit your destination in advance; this will not only give you a real-world feel for your chosen location, but allow you to make important vendor contacts while eliminating surprises. With such information in hand, you may be able to tailor your weddings dress and the attire of your bridesmaids along local styles and traditions, thereby saving money and emphasizing individuality.

Your guests will not only be close family and friends, but many people from your spouse’s family who may be new to you. Timing, accommodations and expenses, special needs and destination wedding etiquette are all practical considerations that need to be carefully considered. Let’s break them down one by one.

Timing: With destination weddings, it is essential that you start early. Forget the old rule of six to eight weeks’ notice for traditional weddings; you will need to inform your guests of your plans at least four, and preferably six months in advance, with frequent reminders and information updates (without being a pest!) along the way. And, remember to consider the season! Wind, rain, tides, and sun can make or break the most carefully conceived event. If you are traveling to the Far East, do not schedule your wedding during monsoon season! Likewise, consider how both “up” and “down” seasons will impact you and your guests’ costs. As with any large endeavor, research, planning, and communication among families and guests will be key.

Accommodations and Expenses: If there is a downside to destination weddings, it can be the cost of travel and accommodations. However, one of the upsides is that most “exotic” locales provide all-inclusive packages (some including airfare, rooms, meals and beverages), on-site expertise, and local planners. Likewise, local flowers, styles, and practices can be utilized to lower expenses for the bridal party. If the cost of accommodations is too high for some in your party, try to provide or recommend lower cost lodging and/or group rates within the same vicinity (preferably no more than fifteen to twenty minutes away). It is important to remember that not all guests will possess the same financial means, so use honesty and tact while trying not to make anyone feel obligated to spend beyond their means.

Special Needs: It is possible that some of your guests will require wheelchairs, transportation assistance, pharmaceuticals, or baby-sitting services. These should be researched and addressed well ahead of the event. Be sure to offer such thoughtful amenities as maps, lists of local attractions and activities, itineraries, and “guest bags” containing water, snacks, and some welcome hygienic needs.

Destination Wedding Etiquette: There are no hard and fast rules here, as every situation is unique. Generally speaking, guests pay for their transportation to and from the destination, hotel rooms, and meals, activities, and special needs outside of “official” wedding events. Wedding party participants are usually paid for by the bride and her family, whereas groomsmen are the responsibility of the groom’s family. Like all “rules” these can all be amended, altered, or customized to suit the destination and your guests and families’ situation.

Destination weddings can be expensive, certainly, but they can also be surprisingly affordable! Unlike traditional weddings, which rely on a variety of vendors, coordinators, and conflicting family advice, a destination wedding can take advantage of many all-inclusive packages and local professionals who specialize in such events on a near daily basis.

Naturally, destinations within the United States will vary in cost as compared to foreign locales. If planning a foreign destination, be sure to consider such things as local marriage requirements, passports, and language issues. Also, regardless of where you are traveling to, be sure to bring your wedding dress as carry-on luggage, as the last thing you want is a missing luggage crisis! Finally, if you are truly in love with your selected destination, you might also consider the possibility of combing your wedding with an accompanying honeymoon!

As you can see, a destination wedding requires a great deal of forethought, preparation, and commitment to both honesty and constant communication. In short, it can be a challenge for all involved!  On the other hand, a destination wedding, set amidst the locale of your dreams, can be an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience not only for you, but for the loved ones who will share the rest of your marriage and life together.



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Growing up, I always had a fondness for both art and beauty. At an early age, I found myself sketching just about everything, be it a portrait of my mother (who I forced to sit perfectly still for hours), or simply pictures of each room of my home. I loved art and I took great pride in being able to take something I found beautiful and recreate that beauty into something of my own. In college, I found myself at a crossroad; should I pursue my love of art, or follow a more logical, safer route.  Then I asked myself, “If you had to do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?” It came to me instantly—the one job that encompassed my love of art, beauty, and people: hairstyling!


"If you had to do
one thing for the rest of your life,
what would it be?"


I attended cosmetology school, acquired my license, and immediately started apprenticing in a salon. I did so for three years under the best mentors on Newbury Street, quickly becoming a stylist on my own. Over six years I developed a loyal clientele, learning as I did that many of my clients also wanted me to style their hair for their weddings. It was then that I knew I had outgrown being a stylist in a salon. I knew that it was time to use my artistic and aesthetic abilities toward a greater purpose; namely, beautifying people on one of the most important days of their life. What can possibly be more gratifying?

There are a great many bridal-beauty vendors, most offering the usual promises of superior service, expertise, and glowing reviews. I knew I needed a brand that rose above simply showing up on your wedding day to do hair and makeup. My goal was to achieve the ultimate customer experience through customized, specific services catering to your every need.

Lady Luxe Beauty has evolved greatly in two years, and I am delighted to have successfully enhanced over 20 weddings to date, with potentially more to follow this year. If you are looking for a company that is dedicated exclusively to you, your vision, and your entire wedding process, we are the beauty vendor for you!

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