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Have you ever gone out on the town, taken a few pictures and noticed that you have white circles under your eyes? I certainly have, leaving me to wonder: was it my primer? My concealer? My setting powder? Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy a bright eye, but the white raccoon look is unacceptable, especially when preparing for my wedding day. With my special day quickly approaching, I decided to do some serious research. Here is what I found.

It turns out this ghostly look can be caused by what we call a “flashback.” So what is that? Foundations or concealers that are “illuminating” can cause this effect due to their light reflecting particles. Brides—stay away from overly shimmery shadows, intense highlighters, and glitter!

But wait, there’s more! Mineral foundations and powders are also a no-no. These products contain a large amount of silica and silver mica. One product in particular that you should avoid is: “Makeup Forever HD Powder.” This powder is white and does not apply clear. It is really quite simple; WHITE reflects light!

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) products can also cause flashback. It is best to avoid primers, moisturizers, and foundations that contain SPF ingredients. The culprits within the SPF are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, substances of a white, opaque nature. If you insist on using a SPF based product, be sure to use one with a rating of SPF 15 or lower to avoid compromising your photos.

So, at this point you may be wondering what type of makeup IS appropriate when being photographed. My personal favorites are “Makeup Forever Mat Velvet” foundation, as well as “MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural” concealer. Ultimately, the key to avoiding the dreaded flashback is to simply avoid makeup products that are illuminating, mineral based, or contain SPF when you know you’ll be having your picture taken.

At last! The mystery is solved! So, whether you are a concerned bride to be or simply looking to improve your Saturday night photos, you now have the tools necessary to look your best.


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