Should I Wear A Hair Accessory For My Wedding?

As a little girl growing up, I loved playing dress up. I loved headbands, tiaras, anything ornate! I’m definitely what you would consider a “girly girl.” As I’ve grown, I would like to think my taste has matured beyond how much jewelry I can pile on. As I approach my wedding day, I find myself wondering how I will wear my hair and whether an accessory is appropriate. Deciding whether a hair accessory is suitable requires more thought than you would think! Here are some helpful tidbits to help you decide if a hair embellishment is right for you.

Choose which hairstyle you want in advance.

Whether you choose to wear your hair up or down will heavily influence which accessory, if any, is appropriate for you. If you are choosing a French twist, you may decide a hair broach is the perfect way to personalize a classic style. If you are wearing your hair down, you may consider a simple or statement headband to accentuate your style. I would highly recommend choosing your wedding hairstyle before delving into the many accessories retailers have to offer.


Accentuate your gown.

The idea behind any accessory is to highlight your beauty. You do not want to choose an accessory that will dominate your dress. I would advise you to stay away from wearing a hair accessory if your gown has heavy embellishment or a lot of intricate detail. You may want to consider wearing one however if your gown is more simplistic in nature. This does not necessarily mean the style of the dress is simple, but rather the texture. For example, if you are wearing a satin ball gown with little to no embellishments, you may consider opting for some sort of hair ornament.


Accessories should be harmonious.

Decide what jewelry you are wearing before deciding on a hair accessory. Your accessories should work together in harmony rather than distract. Are your accessories more simplistic in nature? Are you choosing statement earrings or a bold necklace? The earrings and or necklace that you choose heavily influence whether a hair accessory is appropriate.


Your wedding is a very important day, so it’s natural to question every last detail. Save yourself time and energy by brainstorming whether a hair accessory will work. What does your hair look like? Does your gown have a great amount of detail? Which accessories have you already chosen? Answer these few questions and you’ve checked off one more detail on your wedding to-do list.

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