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The 9th annual Boston Winter Ball is approaching and it has really got me thinking. What style trends should the ladies be embracing in this new year? Boston isn’t known for its keen sense of fashion, so I feel personally responsible for making sure the hairstyles I create are on point!

Styles are constantly evolving and what may be in one day is out the next. It is important that the proper due diligence be done when unearthing the perfect styles. Below I have compiled several different options representative of what I believe will be the perfect 2017 hairstyling trends!

The High Pony

Slicked, textured, curled or straight, this look prevails. The high ponytail encompasses both elegance and simplicity. You can sport this day to day, to a black tie event, or even to a wedding. Get those hair ties ready because this look isn’t leaving anytime soon!

“Cher Hair”

This trend is certainly not new and made quite an impression in the early 2000’s. This sleek look isn’t for everyone but, when it suits you, boy is it hot! This style can be worn day to day as well as to special events.

Super Sleek

2016 was full of a lot of “lived-in” texture, but styles are slowly evolving into sleeker, more refined looks. Runways are featuring this sleek wet hair look, whether it be up or down. This high fashion look is great for black tie events.

Flat Waves

Personally, this is one of my favorite looks and it made a large appearance in 2016. These waves can be worn up or down and never fail to give an ultra sexy feel. You have to love this look due to its versatility and ease. This look is becoming the predominant theme in modern weddings.


Braids on braids on braids. 2017 loves braids! Have no fear; your braids do not need to be perfect. In fact, messiness should be embraced! Braids aren’t a new trend but we are seeing them more and more, whether as a Mohawk braid, a side braid, fishtails, braid crown, you name it! Braids can be worn for any occasion and often serve as a great option for next day hair.

The five style trends above will be sweeping this year by storm. Try them yourself, or consult a professional! Not every trend works for every person, so find what looks best on you and rock it!

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In today’s modern world there are a multitude of different types of weddings. No matter what the theme, every bride wants to represent her most beautiful self. This involves finding a style that is well suited and stylish. I have taken every kind of bride from classic, bohemian, beachy, rustic and vintage and provided you with today’s on-trend hairstyles.

The Classic Bride

You are the type of girl who values tradition. You seek theme in color versus details and are more than likely serving a tiered wedding cake versus cupcakes. Believe it or not, this actually tells quite a bit about your preference in hairstyles. My guess is that you are gravitating towards something sleek and timeless, but still want to feel stylish. Below are some of my favorite hairstyles that encompass both class and style.




The Bohemian Bride

If you have chosen to have a “boho chic” wedding, you may describe your style as eclectic and whimsical with an artistic flair. This anything goes type of theme allows for serious creative expression! Trendy looks for bohemian brides include headbands/flower wreaths, mix & match details, and earthy inspiration. Here are some of my favorite trendy, boho looks…




The Beachy Bride

Maybe you grew up on the beach, or maybe you just enjoy the wind in your hair and toes in the sand. You are laid back, calm and centered. Your wedding details include earth tones and natures gifts. Being more relaxed in nature, you probably prefer your hair relaxed as well. Lived in looks with simple detailing best suit you. Here are some examples of looks that are not only comfortable, but chic as well.




The Rustic Bride

Nature and farm elements inspire your theme. Your colors consist of earth tones and your décor has an abundance of wood and stone. Your wedding is probably outdoors in a warmer environment. These components also translate into the theme of your overall look. Your hair should reflect an earthy, less manicured feel. Check out the examples below of hairstyles that fit this theme, but still leave you feeling beautiful and fashionable.




The Vintage Bride

Vintage lovers typically have a love for femininity, muted colors, and lace. Delicate flowers, linen, and burlap are all common denominators. This antique vibe is beautiful and so are the associated hairstyles. Embracing vintage styles has become a modern fad. Below are my absolute favorite styles that represent not only a past time period, but now the present.




There are trendy hairstyles for every type of bride. No matter what vision you are trying to recreate, there is a style that will suit you, your theme, and today’s fashion. Search no further, as I have provided you with today’s hottest looks for every wedding theme.

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As a little girl growing up, I loved playing dress up. I loved headbands, tiaras, anything ornate! I’m definitely what you would consider a “girly girl.” As I’ve grown, I would like to think my taste has matured beyond how much jewelry I can pile on. As I approach my wedding day, I find myself wondering how I will wear my hair and whether an accessory is appropriate. Deciding whether a hair accessory is suitable requires more thought than you would think! Here are some helpful tidbits to help you decide if a hair embellishment is right for you.

Choose which hairstyle you want in advance.

Whether you choose to wear your hair up or down will heavily influence which accessory, if any, is appropriate for you. If you are choosing a French twist, you may decide a hair broach is the perfect way to personalize a classic style. If you are wearing your hair down, you may consider a simple or statement headband to accentuate your style. I would highly recommend choosing your wedding hairstyle before delving into the many accessories retailers have to offer.


Accentuate your gown.

The idea behind any accessory is to highlight your beauty. You do not want to choose an accessory that will dominate your dress. I would advise you to stay away from wearing a hair accessory if your gown has heavy embellishment or a lot of intricate detail. You may want to consider wearing one however if your gown is more simplistic in nature. This does not necessarily mean the style of the dress is simple, but rather the texture. For example, if you are wearing a satin ball gown with little to no embellishments, you may consider opting for some sort of hair ornament.


Accessories should be harmonious.

Decide what jewelry you are wearing before deciding on a hair accessory. Your accessories should work together in harmony rather than distract. Are your accessories more simplistic in nature? Are you choosing statement earrings or a bold necklace? The earrings and or necklace that you choose heavily influence whether a hair accessory is appropriate.


Your wedding is a very important day, so it’s natural to question every last detail. Save yourself time and energy by brainstorming whether a hair accessory will work. What does your hair look like? Does your gown have a great amount of detail? Which accessories have you already chosen? Answer these few questions and you’ve checked off one more detail on your wedding to-do list.

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Hair products are completely subjective. However, there are many fabulous products that you may or may not know about! There are products that you will want to consider using before, during, and after your updo.

Prepping your hair properly with suitable products is key. Whether you have crazy thick curls or fine flyaway hair, you will want to make sure you have the proper foundation. One of my favorite products to use before blow-drying is Bumble and Bumble’s styling cream. This product is great for all hair types and aids in creating volume, hold, and definition. I recommend that my clients arrive with clean hair prepped with this styling cream.


I also enjoy using Oribe’s “Dry Texturizing Spray” while prepping the hair. This product is designed to absorb all oils in the hair with its patented polymers. This dryer texturizer allows for pliability and hold. I recommend using this product for hairstyles worn down as well.


After curling or straightening the hair for the updo, I like to use a smoothing product to seal the ends for smoothness and shine. I enjoy using “Defrizz” by Bumble and Bumble. It serves as a barrier to the humidity and seals up any sort of frizz or flyaway hairs. Simply apply a drop of this product onto to the palms of your hands, rub together, and apply to the hair, starting at the ends.


Once I have created my desired texture, I like to use Sebastian “Shaper plus” for hold. This gives a very strong hold without having to deal with a sticky texture. I also use this spray once my look is complete. The hair maintains its soft appeal while truly holding in place.


To seal the deal I enjoy using a shine spray to finish my look. It enhances the texture and makes the hair healthy and dimensional. For the perfect amount of shine, I choose Bumble and Bumble’s shine spray. A gentle mist of this product after updo completetion will serve as icing on the cake.


There are so many fantastic products on the market that it makes it overwhelming to decide which products are most suitable to you. I enjoy these particular products because they work with every texture and give long lasting, reliable results. These products are all equally suitable for when you are wearing your hair down with texture. Save yourself some time and try out these products before your next big night out!

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Ironically, as both a hairstylist and future bride to be, I too found myself struggling with which wedding hairstyle was right for me. In a modern world of endless Pinterest boards, flower crowns, and ‘Style Me Pretty’ inspiration, I found myself overwhelmed in possibilities. I was able to pin-point which look would be best for me based on a serious of questions you may or may not have considered.

When and where are you getting married?

Are you getting married in the summer on the beach? Are you doing a winter wedding in the mountains? Are you doing a ballroom wedding in the fall? Weather and location are extremely important in deciding which style is most appropriate. If you are getting married in the summer outdoors, you may want to consider an updo to prevent humidity from wreaking havoc. If you are getting married in the winter or indoors, you may have more flexibility with your look. Location will affect the theme of your style based on suitability. Make sure the look you choose is appropriate to weather conditions and also fitting to the location of the wedding.

What do you look like?

What shape face do you have? Do you have a large or small forehead? Do you have larger ears? The idea behind the perfect wedding style is that it is most flattering to YOU. If you have a narrow, more oblong shaped face, you would be best suited in an updo with width on the sides. If you have a very round face, you may consider wearing your hair in a top knot for height to elongate your face. It’s imperative to hire a stylist that is invested in designing each strand to best suit you.


What does your dress look like?

Do you have a strapless neckline? Do you have a high neckline? Are you wearing a ball gown? Is your dress asymmetrical? Your dress is the star of the show along with you. You want your hair to complement your features as well as your dress. An asymmetrical dress may be best complemented by sweeping the hair to the side. If this dress is more or less formal, make sure the texture of the curls is representative. For example if your dress is one shouldered and very simple in nature, loose waves or a more relaxed curls would be most cohesive.

Modern Or Classic?

I definitely struggled with this question myself. I live for the floral bridesmaids dresses, beachy hair, and trendy looks but I also feel strongly about keeping this special day classic and sophisticated. As a hairstylist I am always creating both modern and classic looks, so I find beauty in both themes. I chose to not choose! I found a hairstyle modern in texture and classic in style.

The beauty of choosing the right wedding hair is that there is no “right” choice. Fill your Pinterest boards with styles that speak to you and then ask yourself these questions. Where and when is my wedding? What features do I have that I want to play up or down? What style best suits my dress? And lastly, Do I want to keep my look classic or go contemporary?

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