Which Wedding Hairstyle Is Right For Me?

Ironically, as both a hairstylist and future bride to be, I too found myself struggling with which wedding hairstyle was right for me. In a modern world of endless Pinterest boards, flower crowns, and ‘Style Me Pretty’ inspiration, I found myself overwhelmed in possibilities. I was able to pin-point which look would be best for me based on a serious of questions you may or may not have considered.

When and where are you getting married?

Are you getting married in the summer on the beach? Are you doing a winter wedding in the mountains? Are you doing a ballroom wedding in the fall? Weather and location are extremely important in deciding which style is most appropriate. If you are getting married in the summer outdoors, you may want to consider an updo to prevent humidity from wreaking havoc. If you are getting married in the winter or indoors, you may have more flexibility with your look. Location will affect the theme of your style based on suitability. Make sure the look you choose is appropriate to weather conditions and also fitting to the location of the wedding.

What do you look like?

What shape face do you have? Do you have a large or small forehead? Do you have larger ears? The idea behind the perfect wedding style is that it is most flattering to YOU. If you have a narrow, more oblong shaped face, you would be best suited in an updo with width on the sides. If you have a very round face, you may consider wearing your hair in a top knot for height to elongate your face. It’s imperative to hire a stylist that is invested in designing each strand to best suit you.


What does your dress look like?

Do you have a strapless neckline? Do you have a high neckline? Are you wearing a ball gown? Is your dress asymmetrical? Your dress is the star of the show along with you. You want your hair to complement your features as well as your dress. An asymmetrical dress may be best complemented by sweeping the hair to the side. If this dress is more or less formal, make sure the texture of the curls is representative. For example if your dress is one shouldered and very simple in nature, loose waves or a more relaxed curls would be most cohesive.

Modern Or Classic?

I definitely struggled with this question myself. I live for the floral bridesmaids dresses, beachy hair, and trendy looks but I also feel strongly about keeping this special day classic and sophisticated. As a hairstylist I am always creating both modern and classic looks, so I find beauty in both themes. I chose to not choose! I found a hairstyle modern in texture and classic in style.

The beauty of choosing the right wedding hair is that there is no “right” choice. Fill your Pinterest boards with styles that speak to you and then ask yourself these questions. Where and when is my wedding? What features do I have that I want to play up or down? What style best suits my dress? And lastly, Do I want to keep my look classic or go contemporary?

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