Style Trends for 2017

The 9th annual Boston Winter Ball is approaching and it has really got me thinking. What style trends should the ladies be embracing in this new year? Boston isn’t known for its keen sense of fashion, so I feel personally responsible for making sure the hairstyles I create are on point!

Styles are constantly evolving and what may be in one day is out the next. It is important that the proper due diligence be done when unearthing the perfect styles. Below I have compiled several different options representative of what I believe will be the perfect 2017 hairstyling trends!

The High Pony

Slicked, textured, curled or straight, this look prevails. The high ponytail encompasses both elegance and simplicity. You can sport this day to day, to a black tie event, or even to a wedding. Get those hair ties ready because this look isn’t leaving anytime soon!

“Cher Hair”

This trend is certainly not new and made quite an impression in the early 2000’s. This sleek look isn’t for everyone but, when it suits you, boy is it hot! This style can be worn day to day as well as to special events.

Super Sleek

2016 was full of a lot of “lived-in” texture, but styles are slowly evolving into sleeker, more refined looks. Runways are featuring this sleek wet hair look, whether it be up or down. This high fashion look is great for black tie events.

Flat Waves

Personally, this is one of my favorite looks and it made a large appearance in 2016. These waves can be worn up or down and never fail to give an ultra sexy feel. You have to love this look due to its versatility and ease. This look is becoming the predominant theme in modern weddings.


Braids on braids on braids. 2017 loves braids! Have no fear; your braids do not need to be perfect. In fact, messiness should be embraced! Braids aren’t a new trend but we are seeing them more and more, whether as a Mohawk braid, a side braid, fishtails, braid crown, you name it! Braids can be worn for any occasion and often serve as a great option for next day hair.

The five style trends above will be sweeping this year by storm. Try them yourself, or consult a professional! Not every trend works for every person, so find what looks best on you and rock it!

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