Choose the Right Wedding Accessories and Start Now

Your wedding vendors are secured, your dress has been chosen and the particulars are slowly starting to fall into place. You breathe a sigh of relief, thinking “this wedding process isn’t so tough after all.” Before you throw your feet up, remember: “the devil is in the details.” As someone with a type A personality, I didn’t struggle to make details a priority; but for the more laid-back bride, you will want to consider how important details such as your wedding accessories are.

Establish your Metal

Gold? Silver? 9 times out of 10 you choose your dress before anything else and, based on the embellishment of your dress, the metal is decided. If there is no metallic detailing on your dress, then you get to decide! This decision should be a culmination of your personal preference and what best suits your skin tone. As a typical rule of thumb, white is best matched with silver, whereas ivory is best matched with gold. Once you have decided on either gold or silver, be sure to stay consistent. A ‘mishmash’ of metals can become a distraction and nothing should detract from you on your big day!

Belt / Sash

Unfortunately, I cannot determine if a belt or sash is necessary for your gown through a blog entry. My best advice is to examine the amount of detailing already on your dress. The key is to determine whether adding a belt or sash accentuates the dress or overpowers it. I will say, the addition of a belt can certainly convey a custom feel without the price tag. Another general rule of thumb is to make sure the belt is no more than 3 inches thick. A belt larger than this can be very unflattering and off-putting. Also, consider the length of your torso! If you have a long torso, wider belts are considered more flattering; if you have a wide torso, thinner belts are more complementary.

Veil / Hair Accessories

You may choose to wear one, the other, or both! Veils are an iconic accessory that come in a variety of options. Be sure to choose a style, color, and size that complement you and your dress. If your dress has small detailing, go for an ornate veil or vice versa. If you are small in stature, consider a longer veil to elongate your figure. If you are taller, try a mid-length veil to visually break up your length. Lastly, if you are wearing an ivory gown, please wear an ivory veil! Hair accessories can also add an extra wow factor. Be discretionary when choosing hair accessories; remember, less is more!

Removeable Sleeves/Straps

Sleeves or straps can be a fantastic way to enhance your bridal gown and this trend is seen more and more on brides lately. On my wedding day, we got married in a Catholic Church and I wanted to make sure that my shoulders were covered. I had my seamstress create a removable cap sleeve overlay that I could remove for the reception. I personally love glam and wanted to switch my look for the reception in an unpretentious, cost-effective way. I accomplished this by removing my embellished sleeve overlay and adding a statement necklace and belt. I LOVED the ability to do this because it gave me a different look for my pictures and allowed me to have a more fun look for the reception. If you have a strapless gown consider the different possibilities of long sleeve, short sleeve, cap sleeve, halter, spaghetti strap, etc.!


Make sure that you choose your shoes before your first fitting! This will allow your dress to be the perfect length. What’s nice about choosing shoes, is that you can pick them before or after your jewelry. In most cases, bridal gowns are floor-length and the shoes only really make a debut in your bridal photos. If there is any metal detailing on your shoes you will want to consider your metallic theme early on, as I explained previously. The most important piece of advice I can give is to choose comfy shoes or make sure you buy two pairs: one pair for the ceremony, and one for the reception where you will be dancing the night away.

Do you understand why you should start looking for bridal accessories NOW? These details play a large roll in your overall look as a bride. This day will be one of the most important days of your life and you will want to look and feel your best. Most of us live busy lives with limited time to ourselves. Deciding these details over time allows you to make it happen. Plenty of other unexpected tasks will come your way; be proactive and you will have time to face them all.

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